Monday, August 06, 2012

Missy Franklin projected to make $2-$5-million a year if she goes pro!

Jaw dropping performance with jaw dropping figures:
From the Denver Post: 
"... I'll be surprised if (the family) doesn't take a serious look at dropping amateurism," said A.J. Maestes, a sports marketing expert and president of Navigate Research in Chicago. "The next four years will be the most she'll ever make in her life. She's so young and is a potential medalist in (the 2016 Olympics in) Rio. She has four great years of exposure. 
"I honestly think she could make $2 million a year for four years. It's not crazy to think she'll get a four-, five- or six-year deal for $2 million a year." Added Robert Tuchman, president of Skylight Entertainment in New York, which specializes in marketing athletes, "She seems to be in the $1 million, $2 million range. (What) it comes down to at the end of the day (is) how good is her agent going out there and negotiating? There's no real comparison in the endorsement game. "Certain athletes get tons and others don't...." 
If any of Missy Franklin's entourage is reading, start at the top, avoid the usual swimmer agents. Go to CAA, in Beverly Hills. [Client List]


jonisaacson said...

First, I hope Missy sticks to her word and does not turn pro until she has used up her college eligibility. In my opinion, focusing on the quick buck rather than long-term sustainability is one of the things that has led to America's decline, and I hope she bucks that trend.

Second, if she does decide to go pro, why would she want an agent who deals primarily with actors and singers rather than one who has a track record with athletes (and preferably not just football and basketball players?)

Tony Austin said...

If Missy Franklin feels that keeping this part of her young adult life carefree and amusing and thereby enjoying these short-lived years where everything and everybody is just great, She should not go pro.

But if she is ready to be an adult which means doing things on a daily or weekly basis that you don't want to do because it is the right thing to do for all those involved - then she should go pro.

If she bucks the trend, I would be both impressed and disappointed. Impressed that she she took a stand and decided this was a recreation and that she was meant to inspire. Disappointed
that she did not profit while those around her were exploited her talents for cash.

Youth is wasted on the young and I suspect God made it that way on purpose.

Onto your agent question. Swimmers and Olympians did best when they had commercial agents and/or talent agents. Read as Kathy Rigby, Donna Devarona, Johnny Weismuller, Esther Williams.

Sports agents are best when negotiating with a team or sports product company. Someone like David Falk; (look him up), really could not squeeze enough money out of Speedo to make it worth his time.

Talent agents like I mentioned are best when it is a spokesperson sort of deal or commercial endorsement such as P&G, Kellogs, Amgen, Coca Cola etc. etc.

These are just my opinions but here is a link just for you that discusses such matters. It is from Business insider: