Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missy Franklin - Ryan Lochte: Contrasting the latest news headlines between the two is quite depressing!

At the London Games Missy Franklin over-delivered exceeding her medal expectations. Ryan Lochte on the other hand "under-delivered" due to bold statements such as "...this is my time" which seemingly predicted a bold result in his match-up with Michael Phelps.

When the two returned home to America each were received quite differently especially when you compare their news headlines. The difference is depressing.

Missy Franklin Headlines:
Missy Franklin's Homecoming - The 17-year-old, five-time Olympic medalist is the same kid who left for London this summer. Not that you should have worried.

Missy Franklin announces cameo in Vince Vaughn's [movie] 'The Internship'

Call Me Maybe star calls Missy Franklin 'amazing'

Missy Franklin: Justin Bieber sent me a care package

Novak Djokovic, Missy Franklin dance to 'Call Me Maybe
Missy Franklin: A gold medalist's tenacity inside a youthful demeanor 

Ryan Lochte's Headlines:
WATCH: Ryan Lochte Strips Down To His Speedo For Joan Rivers

How Much Would You Pay To See A Photo Of Ryan Lochte’s Alleged Penis?

Biz Owner to Ryan Lochte: Jeah, Right

Ryan Lochte opens up about Vegas pool race with partying prince

Ryan Lochte's Sister Apologizes for Racist Video

Ryan Lochte, Savannah Guthrie heckled by paparazzi on ‘Today’ show set


Anonymous said...

I think he needs a new agent.

Tony Austin said...

I agree. He also has to start reading more. He should start with Hemingway and read the poems of Sappho as well. Her poems are short and easy; [read as fragmented phrases], but they state real feelings in a brilliant way. His overuse of slang and cliches is truly boring.

And he should buy a decent dictionary and start looking up a lot of words