Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan Lochte Reality TV Star - Watch him train and work on his fashion line! - Gosh it hurt to say that!

Watching Ryan Locthe train as a swimmer would be educational and enlightening. Watching him interact with kids possibly at a USA Swimming charity would be endearing as well. However, taking this fish out of water and putting him in an environment where he has absolutely NO TASTE, and NO EXPERIENCE will be painful.

Lochte's management has taken this glorious Olympic champion and has seemingly started at the bottom of the pop-culture compost pile by associating him with such "white trash" icons as Joan Rivers, Honey Boo Boo, and Kim Khardashian. (She cut me off on Agoura Hills road the other day with a chrome car. A chrome car... Chrome! These are the people he will be associating with.)

Ryan may or may not make a lot of money as a reality TV star, probably about $35,000 a week, but one thing is for sure his management wants to "face plant" him into the heads of the lowest common denominator and that is going to be painful to witness.

I know I am beating a dead horse, but since the horse is dead anyway: Missy Franklin is starting at the top rather than the "Reality TV" bottom. She is being introduced to America as a champion and sharing what it is like to be an Olympian. She has appeared at the USA Open of Tennis on "Kids Day", The Tonight Show, and has received accolades form internationally recognized recording stars. Her brand is that of an Olympic treasure rather than an Olympic opportunist.

In other words, when Ryan Lochte went to Vegas and partied with a "black sheep" prince, Missy Franklin went to "Kansas" and let people wear her medals.

From The clicker at Today:

"...We're gonna try to work with E! in getting my own reality show," Lochte recently told Celebuzz. "Where pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line." ..." 


Anonymous said...

No surprises. Can't believe Phelps isn't with him. I remember them saying they were friends because they both liked girls. What brainiacs!

Tony Austin said...

Well, the cream rose to the top apparently. ;-)

Cheap Jane said...

Wow, amazing how $35,000 a week is considered on the low end. But then again, its RL we're talking about here.

Did he do 100% of the shoe design?

Tony Austin said...

Reality show "actors" don't get residuals. In fact nobody gets residual on cable. I read Lochte wants $750,000 for a reality series. Let's presume 13-shows which would be about $55,000 a week.

Once, Uncle Sam, and his management get through with him, he will make about 40% of that figure. Still a lot of but if the show only lasts one season, he certainly won't be set for life. What he should do is buy a modest home in Florida out right so he will never be homeless.

I started singing Lou Reed when I saw you moniker. Guess what song?