Saturday, September 01, 2012

Commercial: Sprinter Brent Hayden endorsed by Powerade

Canadian sprinter Brent Hayden won a bronze medal in the 100m free in London. This commercial resonates both the work ethic and mindset as to how he got it. Usually commercials feature athletes endorsing products but this one does it backwards to great effect: Powerade endorses Brent Hayden's work ethic and nothing else.

Powerade only sponsors this short profile which is refreshing considering that most sport drink commercials will feature their product in such over the top situations such as an athlete "sweating" the drink all over himself or worst of all having an athlete memorize and recite a script trying to sound like they actually believe what they are saying.

This Powerade spot is inspiring and well edited and directed. I will be drinking some Powerade soon in Santa Monica after my 4:00 PM workout.

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