Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hansen blames FINA, not Van der Burgh, for cheating

Imagine after a swim race waiting a couple of minutes after the event is completed to determine the actual results. That is the way it is in horse racing and Brendan Hanson is recommending it be that way for swimming. i.e That officials validate breaststroke turns and otherwise with video review.

The breaststroke, in my opinion, is becoming a farce. The stroke undergoes constant rule changes, the rules are impossible to enforce, and the athletes that do abide by the honor system are losing out. (Read as Brendan Hansen; TWICE!)

Though I like the idea of video, it's impractical at the local level and it reminds us how many people like to cheat in that event. Perhaps it should get replaced with the combat stroke?

Yes, it should!

From the Statesman:
"... He did it to call out FINA to say, ‘I'm getting away with this, and you guys aren't doing anything about it,' " Hansen said. "Amongst the breaststrokers, it was a big joke. Everybody was just like, how much can I get away with? The rules need to be changed, and FINA needs to realize they need to step it up and bring in video surveillance."

With the dolphin kick, swimmers whip their legs in tandem underwater much like how an aquatic animal might use a tail. It has proved to be a very effective method of propulsion. In the butterfly and backstroke, swimmers are allowed to dolphin kick away as long as they rise to the pool's surface within 15 meters. ..."

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