Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USA Swimming releases a statement to 'Swimming World' & the 'Washington Post' categorically denies a Mark Schubert cover-up!

I feel their denial is totally plausible but they do have a history and a victim named Kelly Currin Davies stating otherwise...

From Swimming World:
USA Swimming spokesperson Karen Linhart released the following statement in response to the lawsuit:

USA Swimming is not a party to the lawsuit between Dia Rianda and Mark Schubert; however, because that suit makes various gratuitous accusations against USA Swimming, we will address the false premise underlying those accusations.

The resolution of the relationship between Mark Schubert and USA Swimming absolutely did not involve any cover-up of alleged sexual misconduct by Sean Hutchison or any other person. Rather, because of USA Swimming's commitment to safe sport, the agreement between USA Swimming and Mr. Schubert specifically required that if Schubert had, or in the future, received reliable information involving a sexual misconduct Code of Conduct violation by a coach or other member of USA Swimming, he would bring that information to USA Swimming in writing and would testify at a National Board of Review proceeding if requested to do so by USA Swimming.

Regarding Bill Jewell, USA Swimming cannot comment on ongoing investigations. However, as a matter of process, when USA Swimming initiates a coach investigation, it immediately notifies the employing club. As per the Amateur Sports Act, membership status cannot be affected without the opportunity for a hearing. Employment decisions during investigations are at the discretion of the employing club.


They are on the record now stating no cover-up was instigated with Mark Schubert despite what was written on  Page 8 - lines 5-18 of the complaint - see link below:
Full Dia Rianda vs. Mark Schubert/GWSC Summons and Complaint:  [Link]
However the phrase they used was cover-up rather than confidential agreement. In the end it will come out once Mark Schubert and Dia Rianda are deposed. Then we will have a more clear idea as to whether "hush money" was paid or if it was simply a buy-out of his contract.

Kelly Currin Davies rebuttal response as quoted in the Washington Post:
“I have stated all along that numerous people in the swim world knew what Rick Curl did to me,” she said in a statement Tuesday issued through her attorney. “It was the worst kept secret. I read the lawsuit filed against Mark Schubert. I am angry in reading that USA Swimming failed terribly when they had an opportunity to act against Rick Curl when coach Schubert informed Chuck Wielgus on numerous occasions about Curl’s molestation of me. 
“The fact that Chuck Wielgus and USA Swimming allegedly tried to cover up for Rick Curl by forcing Mark Schubert to accept hush money in return for signing a confidential agreement is outrageous. If USA Swimming has any integrity they would fire Wielgus and the rest of the staff that continues to protect sexual predators.”


One thing that bothered me was that either USA Swimming under-reported or the Washington Post under-reported stating that USA Swimming has caught 16-offenders in the last two years. It's not that low; isn't it more like 50 or 60? I suspect they are trying to make the problem seem smaller than it is.


Swimming Exposed said...

Point for Rianda!

The Schubert settlement exists. This is something that has been repeatedly denied.

Bill Jewell is the subject of an ongoing investigation by USA Swimming. While this may be a creative adjustment of reality by USA Swimming, it is still significant. At a minimum it would mean Marc Schubert misrepresented the situation to Ms. Rianda. It may also mean USA Swimming will throw Coach Schubert under the bus.

Marc Schubert can potentially argue that USA Swimming is violating the terms of its agreement with him. If so, his best option may be to turn on USA Swimming before they strike first. Coach Schubert can easily do this by resurrecting the Sean Hutchison situation.

Even a writer for TV movies wouldn’t make up a situation this messed up. Drama. The horrible part is backdrop being the damaged careers and lives of so many young swimmers and good coaches like Ms. Rianda.

Anonymous said...

There were already thirty something on the list when it was originally published. 16 new names were added in the past two years.

Tony Austin said...

There are 67 names on the list - all males I believe. Let's say they hd 40 names on the list and then added 16 - that's still 11-names shy of the 67-ish number.


Swimming Exposed said...

We should all remember USA Swimming's response to the initial Splash of Truth emails.

"There has been no settlement between Marc Schubert and USA Swimming."

"Mark Schubert never presented USA Swimming with any incriminating information regarding Sean Hutchison."

This email denial was signed "Bruce and Chuck".

It appears the first statement is false and the second is now in question.

How much can we really believe from Bruce and Chuck?

Swimming Exposed said...

Here is a link to a copy of the denial.


Sarah G said...

When was Schubert terminated from USA Swimming? If there was a $625,000 settlement, there should be some financial indication of that on the IRS Form 990. For 2010, he is listed as former head coach. Did he work part of 2010? The 2011 Form has not been posted on the websites.

One problem is USA Swimming has owns for-profit businesses that don't need to disclose financials to the public. His settlement could have been paid by USSIC or 2012 Swim Trials.

Anonymous said...

There are women on the list.

Eight (including Curl) were banned in 2012. Five were banned in 2011 and Ten were banned in 2010.

Last two years would start in about August of 2010. (probably how they got 16).