Thursday, October 18, 2012

America's Cup: ORACLE TEAM USA Capsizes 72-foot-high boat - Goodbye 8-million-dollars!

I saw photos right when it capsized and there was a crew member hanging 30-feet above the 53-degree water. The America's Cup team has a great crew and captain and the captain's words to his crew as the boat was flipping: "keep an eye on your mate."

All sailors should become Masters swimmers.


Anonymous said...

Are there any Americans on Team USA?

Tony Austin said...

There are no American sailors on the AC72. The crew consists of Australians, New Zealanders, Dutch and Canadians.

The captain, James Spithill, is an Australian and is wife is American. The owner of the ship is American billionaire, Larry Ellison, founder of software database giant, Oracle.

The Korean team has no Koreans on their deck. They do not have an Asian on board the ship either.

Currently the best sailors in the world are are generally, English speaking, and are from either Australia or New Zealand. In the 161-years that the America's cup has been in existence, four English speaking nations have held the deed to the trophy: England, America, Australia, and New Zealand and Swiss held it twice.

Oracle wants to win this cup and keep it in San Francisco so they pick the best sailors without regard to flag or race.

Mega business such as Oracle, Emirates, Prada do not care about Nationalities or ethnicity. They care about winning.

China has only two Chinese on deck with the rest from what i can tell from New Zealand.

Korea sailing crew is all from New Zealand.

I am beginning to think that maybe it will be business that creates world peace since national identity is not an option to them.