Sunday, October 07, 2012

America's Cup: This is what it is like to sail under a 45-foot tall capsizing catamaran - this is what it's like to be in on a capsizing catamaran.

I have been following and watching the America's Cup series this week especially since I do a open water race in that bay each year.  The racing has been thrilling and the capsizing boats have been quite a dangerous spectacle to witness.

The Oracle boat seen capsizing in this YouTube video was captured by several digital video cameras on the catamaran itself and from surrounding boats as well. One boat barely escapes being toppled onto the crafts 45-foot long mast and sail.

All of the above was exciting and illustrates how sailing really is for swimmers only.

For dozens o video and races of the AMerica's cup here is a link to their YouTube Channel:  [Link]

I want to add something: Those down under, the Australians and the New Zealanders are the greatest sailors on earth. So great that most teams in the America's cup are skippered by those captains from down under.

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