Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bob Bowman Letter to NBAC families posted to the comment section of this blog.

This letter was posted to the comments section of the previous post. I have no idea if it is real but
it seems like a totally reasonable response if it is.

The real issue here is whether the WBAL article is valid and true. If so the North Baltimore Aquatics Club (NBAC) appears on prima facie to behaving responsibly.

Dear NBAC Families,
This morning an article appeared on by Tim Joyce concerning a former NBAC coach. Mr. Joyce has been covering USA Swimming and that organization’s response to allegations against coaches of improper behavior involving swimmers. A link to the article is here


While I cannot comment on the allegations, I can assure you that the safety, health and well being of our athletes, your sons and daughters, are paramount to all of the staff at NBAC. NBAC is committed to creating, and protecting, a safe and healthy environment for all of our participants.

Robert A. Bowman
Head Coach/CEO


Anonymous said...

The link you provided is for mixed relays.

Tony Austin said...

My mistake. Thank you for the correction. It's fixed now.