Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Craig Lord declares swimming is still dirty!

Craig Lord builds a straw man argument stating that all the doping questions in cycling were justified because they turned out to be true, ergo, questioning performances in swimming is equally justified and should be done early and often.

What he fails to grasp is that those doing the questioning within the sport of cycling were the doping agencies at large as well as witnesses like Greg Lemond and those on the US Postal team.

In the snippet below, notice how Mr. Lord refuses to bring up the specific name of the Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, and her performance in the 400 IM. Every coach and sophisticated swimmer knows who he is talking about. He obviously won't mention her name because at this point it would be a solid case of libel since there is a preponderance of organizations that do not believe in his doping fairy tale and have gone to great lengths to end that speculation.

From Swim News:
"... In London at the Olympic Games, day one in the pool delivered a huge anomaly in the sport. Legitimate questions were raised - and, as ever, those who raised the questions were slammed for doing so. Those questions remain - and so far, there have been no satisfactory answers. ..." 

YES, there have been satisfactory answers rendered.

The satisfactory answer is that Ye Shiwen did not dope. The people delivering that satisfactory answer were the following organizations: the World Anti-Doping Agency; the International Olympic Committee; FINA, who is the governing body of swimming; and even the British Olympic Association chairman, Lord Moynihan. Lord Moynihan seen in the video above validates Shiwen's performance and takes the time to strike out at people like Craig Lord and John Leonard who raised their phony suspicions about her even though she was deemed clean by a consortium of governing bodies.

Here is a link to the Daily Telegraph illustrating how far out of his way he went to dispel the rumors:
"And it is regrettable there is so much speculation out there. I don't like it. I think it is wrong. That athlete or, indeed, any athlete that has never tested positive is an athlete who should be supported by her federation and, indeed, everybody in the Olympic movement.


For John Leonard and  and Craig Lord that was not enough. One must question why they are screaming such nonsense and hitting back at the governing bodies even though they are telling them to stop? Why aren't they shouting about the sex abuse scandals or how USA Swimming spends less money on the subject of their non profit then the LiveStrong foundation or AmfAR.

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Anonymous said...

Lord just can't help himself.

Sweetenham, suits, China. All the good stuff is lost when he goes off on one of his personal crusades.

We're embarrassed about him here in the UK.