Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Concussion INC: EXCLUSIVE: Notre Dame Athletic Director Appears to Admit Advising USA Swimming in Sex Abuse Cases

Our sports industrial complex is just plain sick and broken. Professional sports look the other way when it comes to doping and college sports look the other way when a football player commits a crime. In Notre Dame's case, they looked the other way when a star player is accused of rape and the victim who could find no justice, commits suicide.

From Concussion Inc
"... Concussion has learned that the athletic director at the University of Notre Dame — currently embroiled in controversy over an alleged 2010 rape by a football player who is still on the nation’s top-ranked college team — advised USA Swimming on how to handle allegations of coach sex abuse in his previous capacity as a well-connected sports industry lawyer.

This information about athletic director Jack Swarbrick surfaces just as the new issue of Sports Illustrated, in an article by writer Tim Layden, revisits the story of 19-year-old Lizzy Seeberg, who committed suicide in Indiana in September 2010, a little more than a week after she said she was raped by the Notre Dame player; the alleged perpetrator escaped both criminal charges and campus disciplinary measures.

The Sports Illustrated story expands coverage initiated in the fall of 2010 by the Chicago Tribune and broadened this year by the National Catholic Reporter (the latter through the work of a prominent Washington Post reporter). The full background is in our post yesterday. ..."

So, how do you like that part where USA Swimming gets pointers on how to how cover their bums by a guy who in present time has been accused of covering up an alleged rape at Notre Dame?

And how about that task force USA Swimming may or may not have conducted. USA Swimming Board member David Berkoff brags how he founded this sexual abuse committee in emails but under oath it's nothing but an informal gathering. See this post regarding Berkoff's blustering and subsequent back off when finally under placed oath: [Link]


Anonymous said...

Berkoff disappointed me. He came flying out of the gates, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Agree on Berkoff.

Think the ND AD thing is a bit of a witch hunt by Concussions though...he was doing his job as their attorney. Even the guilty are entitled to fair representation and legal advice on mitigating risk and damages.