Friday, November 16, 2012

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

I am more impressed in people like this than I am world record holders. I have been following arthur for a little while and this is just so inspiring to see. In recent videos he is even doing better!

So, arthur was a soldier who served in Iraq as a paratrooper. During the course of his work in Iraq he acquired several debilitating injuries that left him in braces, forearm crutches, and subsequent obesity as a result of an inability to exercise.

Doctors tell him he's pretty banged up and will have to do with what he has. So Arthur seeks out yoga instructors who are probably too frightened to work with him and turn him away. In desperation he turns to a former wrestling star who has become a yogi for help. (I kid you not. imagine Master Po of the TV show Kung Fu as a professional wrestler.) The transformation here is simply inspiring.

The swimmer I know that cross train by doing yoga are really flexible. I am going to give it a try.

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