Tuesday, December 04, 2012

2016 RIO Games in trouble? - The IOC thinks so

The 2016 Rio Games are having some problems: Rio officials don't know what their budget is yet. The land for the golf course is currently under a legal dispute. They have no field hockey location yet. The rugby field has to change locations. The Rio Committee  has replaced their chief executive and the the Brazilian economy is slowing down.

Subsequently the International Olympic committee (IOC)  is now telling Rio Officials emphatically to put the "petal to the metal" and get something going.

One has to ask these questions: If they don't have a budget was the Rio bid all smoke and mirrors? Will Rio get the money to do this? Does the International Olympic committee have a "Plan B" if Rio defaults?

From the L.A. Times:

"...Our message remains: There is time, but time is ticking, and they need to carry on attacking this one with all vigor,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said in an unusually blunt public statement about an Olympic organizing committee.

The meeting came just a few weeks after IOC officials were in Rio for a debriefing with organizers of the London Olympics. While London's seven-year preparations for the games went off without any major crises, the IOC is concerned that Rio organizers are still facing major challenges. ..."


That's what the IOC gets for telling Chicago and President Obama to go home. That's what IOC gets for telling the number-two economy on earth, Japan, to go home.

The next World Cup of soccer will be held in Rio two-years from now and if they screw that up then the IOC may have to confront the fact that Rio may produce a highly unprofitable Olympic games forthem.

An obvious "Plan B" would be London but the likely candidate would be Los Angeles for L.A. is the "go to person" when the IOC is in trouble. Los Angeles saved the IOC in 1932 L.A. saved them again from bankruptcy in 1984.

L.A. has the facilities in triplicate and the transportation infrastructure with numerous airports just 40-minutes from one another.


Anonymous said...

Not actually in Brazil I know, but I found this kinda disturbing too in terms of security.

Contains adult language.


Tony Austin said...

I am going to make a post about this. If they want to make a statement in English I will post it.

Tony Austin said...

Thank you for this information, a new post about it is up.

Anonymous said...

jaja.. I think so also