Thursday, December 06, 2012

Austrian politician wears Ryan Lochte's shoes!

From Reddit: "...This guy is an Austrian politician, and this is what he is wearing in the parliament...." His name is Stefan Petzner, a former journalist turned politician. Wikipedia tells me that the party he represents is economically liberal and socially conservative. The BZÖ party or the "Alliance for the Future of Austria" wants to end the draft, join NATO, establish a flat tax of about 39%, allow the utility companies to go private, and a more moderate stand on immigration. The Austrians, I am told at Reddit, find him an ultra conservative wheres here in the United States he would probably be considered a moderate liberal. He apparently has the same taste in shoes as Ryan Lochte.


The Screaming Viking! said...

Tony- glad to know you are a redditor. cool things like this are why I waste so much time there. of course, I was kicked out of r/swimming... it stinks because I like giving technique advice to newbies there. oh well. I think John Leonard was involved.

Tony Austin said...

Guess who is going to /r/swimming today?

You really got kicked out? I got kicked off for calling someone who insulted me a loser while the owners call a specific republican an ass**** and insults people who flame them in the comments section.

The Screaming Viking! said...

I started r/swimmer hoping to have a more fun subreddit evolve but it never took off. I made up a few memes if you want to give them a shot.