Friday, December 21, 2012

I reported an accusation of sexual molestation that occurred at the North Baltimore Aquatics Club to USA Swimming and Child Protective Services.

I have been critical of those individuals who heard rumors of sexual abuse and did nothing. This inaction is likely due to ignorance, confusion or the monetary fear of a defamation lawsuit.

I was contacted two weeks ago about a sex abuse situation that occurred in February 2012 at the North Baltimore Aquatics Club (NBAC). When fully informed regarding what exactly happened I told the person who emailed me the information that I was reporting it.

After gathering as much information as I good, which took about a week-and-a-half, I assembled a 1,200 word report with digital evidence, scanned notes and hastily sent them off to USA Swimming, Irvin Muchnick and another reporting outlet I won't name.   

Reporting the incident to USA Swimming was absolutely painless. After I had sent my detailed report on a late Sunday afternoon, I received a reply at 7:38 AM PST the following Monday morning stating that it was going to be investigated. Subsequently all my emails to USA Swimming have been quickly acknowledged and all of them have been both cordial and professional. Within hours USA Swimming staff contacted Ms T. Blue at Child Services in Baltimore and the investigation is in motion.

I chose sending the reports to Irv Muchnick and another press outlet so as to put some sunshine on this incident and to ensure that no politics; (or what I call "poolitics") would interfere with a thorough investigation.

A recognized coach once told me that NBAC can arguably be considered "America's Premiere club" primarily because of the success of Michael Phelps...  However when you look at this club over the last 12-months this club has had a seriously bad year if you exclude the Olympics.

The cold, stark, truth is that NBAC has proven over the last 12-months that supervision of their younger athletes is sorely lacking. Examples include the shallow water drowning death of Louis Lowenthal, the abuse that happened in February and the mysterious firing of a founding member some months ago.

These events are scarlet-red flags and they need addressing.

For details about these events and my reasons for not blogging it and publishing see Irv Muchnick's site Concussion Inc:

Irv Muchnik at
Last week a former NBAC employee filed papers about the incident with state Child Protective Services. In addition, California swimmer-blogger Tony Austin -- who, along with, was given copies of the file -- forwarded email texts and other documents to Susan Woessner, the athlete protection officer of USA Swimming in Colorado, the sport's U.S. Olympic Committee-authorized national governing body.

The victim's direct account, along with the two assailants' vaguely worded confessions and a resolving email by NBAC's chief executive officer and head coach, Bob Bowman, cast grave questions on whether NBAC coaches and executives observed both state law and the safe sport policies of USA Swimming. ..." 

Yes, Bob Bowman's email was shrill, vaguely threatening to kick the victim off the team and just plain ugly. There is a snippet of the email at

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