Friday, January 18, 2013

Concussion Inc: A Statement to Michael Phelps and His Mother, From the Mother of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club Sex Assault Victim

In my opinion this is a heart wrenching plea and I am dumb with astonishment as to how slow the investigation of this assault case is going.

The police have interviewed the victim, they have all the back-and-forth emails which include admissions of guilt and knowledge of the events by the coaches at large. They have a third party witness endorsing the victim's point of view and yet the police are moving incredibly slow.

I think this says a lot about Baltimore. It's as if they run their town like the imaginary TV suburb of  "Pleasantville" (see the movie trailer above for a de facto example).

 As for USA Swimming, they are seemingly waiting for the police investigation to run it's course before taking action. I am getting hints from other sources that if nothing comes from the police investigation then USA Swimming will still approach the subject.

Snippet from her statement at Concussion Inc: 
"...I hope that Michael will not be unduly influenced by the NBAC leadership, and will remember that he was bullied and have empathy for my son, who was not only harassed, but assaulted sexually, which to see in print repulses me and has caused my son and our family an abundance of suffering since we first learned of the assault late last February. Not a day has gone by from that day to this, that I do not think about these shameful acts. ..." 

Read the rest at Concussion Inc.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to see action taken, you will disassociate yourself from Irv Muchnick. He is a bad guy who has harmed many in his profession. Nothing he is involved with will be taken seriously. Thanks for your time.

Tony Austin said...

You're very welcome. Thank you for posting.