Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Concussion INC: Teammate of NBAC Sex Abuse Victim Confronted Coach Over Continued Harassment — Coach Threatened to Throw Him Off Team!

I originally reported these sexual abuse incidence at NBAC to USA Swimming and subsequently turned everything I knew to journalist Irv Muchnik at Concussion INC. He is a pro and he has sunk his teeth into this like pit bull.

Now it has been confirmed that hate speech was included in some cyber-bullying of the victim by another member of NBAC which included gay slurs and crass insults. This has got end.

I am considering speaking with some associates at GLAAD (Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) since hate speech was involved in the cyber bullying of the victim. This has been directly confirmed by a former NBAC teammate Peyton Bailey.

I am going to wait another week and see what happens.

From Concussion Inc:
"... Three years ago, Bailey was so eager to swim for NBAC that his mother moved with him and his younger brother to the Baltimore area. (His father stayed behind at the family home in Virginia.) But their NBAC experience ended sourly last year.

Peyton said he did not witness the sexual assault incident itself last February. But he was all too familiar with the general pattern of verbal harassment and bullying of a particular 18-year-old teammate in the Challenge program.

After the victim’s two assailants’ team discipline began and ended with writing vague apologies for having suggestively and repeatedly bumped the victim, and stuck fingers into his anus, in the practice pool, the victim took a hiatus from swimming. He returned in March — whereupon lower-level harassment and humiliation resumed without missing a beat. Bailey recalls seeing two other teammates, not the February sexual assailants, taunting the victim loudly and mercilessly, calling him a "faggot" and an "asshole." ..." 


Anonymous said...

Sticking their fingers in his anus is more than harassment. It is rape. It is forced penetration. Apology letter or not, it needs to be reported to the police, because those boys are perverts and thugs, and will likely continue to be perverts until they are prosecuted.

Tony Austin said...

It has been reported to the police, here is a case number but despite confessions the police are dragging their heels.