Monday, January 21, 2013

Live from Golgotha: The Crucifixion of Lance Armstrong is still under way.

The cross is on the ground and the Roman executioners are readying the nails and hammer. Roman soldiers have been taunting Armstrong shouting phrases like "doper, doper, doper." 

Quietly, one Roman Centurion named, O. Winprey, has been rumored to have offered Armstrong "wine and gall" or a mixture of sour wine and a poison so as to put him out of his misery and offer him safe passage once he is nailed to the cross. Armstorng declined the drink.

Being crucified next to Armstrong are two thieves. On the left of Armstrong  who the spectators are calling the "good thief"  is Tiger Woods. To the right side of  him are what most in the audience are calling the "bad thief" who is known as O.J. Simpson.

We spoke with a woman named Mary who refuses to give out her last name due to privacy issues and/or reprisals. She had the following statement:

"How come we don't hold our Roman politicians to same standards that we do our athletes and by that I mean all the lying, stealing and cheating? 
Why is it that we allow the Roman Department of Justice to push a Jewish programmer to suicide with aggressive intimidation tactics yet not one Wall Street banker is prosecuted for giving out bad mortgages so they could resell them to some other sucker later on? Are they "to big too jail?"
Why is it that a Roman Senator can receive bribes to vote either right or left and suffer no consequences? 
Why is it that a Roman Senator can execute insider trades on the Roman stock market whereas the public would go to jail if they did likewise? 
Why is it that Caesar can wiretap our phones, kill, or imprison a citizen without a judge, jury or a lawyer reviewing the charges? 
Why is Armstrong so important and why is he the first one on the list for crucification?

We asked  several participants about the Senate councils or National Sports Bodies but most of those questioned would not answer out of fear of blow back.

Pontius Pilate of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) did return our calls and had this statement:
"...We strongly urge Lance Armstrong to testify to an independent Roman Commission established to investigate the allegations made against the Roman International Cycling Union (UCI). - Let's just see how dirty they are."


Anonymous said...

Comparing Armstrong to Christ is too much for me.. The guy is a massively rich sociopathic narcissist who lied for years and ruined some people's lives along the way because he's not a nice person.

I do get the point about how certain people never get prosecuted though.

Tony Austin said...

Fair enough... I don't think he is Christ-like either and I do agree that he has lied, cheated and stolen money from sponsors.

So, when I read that an Australian library moved several of his books to the fiction section, I felt the global response to this athlete has become well over the top and consequently ignoring real problems of far greater moral consequence.

I was thinking farmers and pitchforks at first but settled on a Crucifixion because the parallels or the degree of punishment that he is receiving is more than necessary especially since he has done some good in this world as well.

I believe both the congress and the justice arm of our USA government which has selectively enforced laws from 2000 - 2012 have caused more harm than a "million Lance Armstrong's" yet the public and media chosen Armstrong to crucify.

TedBaker said...

I do follow your point and I have made it myself: In the grand scheme of things, Lance Armstrong cheated in a bike race. As compared to manipulating LIBOR, the London Inter-Bank Overnight Rate, that's pretty small beer.

No mistake, though, Lance Armstrong is cut from that same cloth. He's a lying sociopath who did his level best to destroy the lives of those who dared speak the truth about him. He deserves all the grief he's going to get.

Tony Austin said...

Your argument is sound.

I am pleased that scandals like LIBOR, war crimes, and mortgage fraud are on your radar.

Anonymous said...

Jaja.. yo nunca he visto a nadie correr como Ben Jonhson
y fue castigado con tanta o más dureza que Armstrong. Merecidamente en el caso del corredor pero más lo merece el ciclista por hipócrita con su humanitarismo y sus pulseritas.
Por cierto, Tony, tú también has cometido un fraude manipulando toscamente el "Cristo Inter Dimensional" del pintor español Salvador Dalí.

Tony Austin said...

I did not manipulate the Dali painting and I am not committing fraud. It's Dali, baby!

He painted it in 1953!