Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mark Schubert over promised Kate Ziegler and Dagny Knudsen but USA Swimming had to pay!

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If these scanned letters are correct then Mark Schubert not only threw Ariana Kukors "under the bus" but Dagny Knudson and Kate Ziegler as well, but unlike Arianna, Dagny and Kate make USA Swimming take responsibility for Mark Schubert's actions.

Here's how: Dagny and Kate got a lawyer named Richard Foster to go to USA Swimming and say, "Hey, your boy Mark Schubert made promises to us he didn't keep and now you got to pay because he was speaking for you!" Quietly, and I suspect with complete exasperation that Schubert over promised, USA Swimming paid up.

Attorney Richard Foster, pops up again but this time he is defending Mark Schubert in his wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Dia Rianda! There is a load of ... err... irony her!

This suggests to my wild imagination that Foster is checking his "soul" at the door when he takes on a new client for how can you represent your client as a "devil" one day and then the next as a "saint?"

Here is a guy that went to USA Swimming criticizing what Schubert did to Dagny and Kate; (over promising tuition and such), but now he is defending the same guy stating that he did not over promise Dia Rianda.


Lucas said...

Seems like the ill advice and over promising to Knutson took its final toll and cost Dagny a career, and USA-S lost an athlete that could have been one of the most prominent females in the sport. Shame

Tony Austin said...

Financial hardship on her family is a topic that hasn't been discussed yet as well.

It is my belief that USA Swimming is rebooting. I suspect it will be a far different organization in 2013 on through to 2016.

Anonymous said...

Schubert is Joepa

Tony Austin said...

Possibly - "Joepa" is short for Joe Paterno for those that don't know the nick name.