Thursday, February 07, 2013

Did something stupid: Swam a 1,000-meters moderately hard in 84-degree water

Did an experiment with Fran Crippen in mind. I went to L.A. Fitness and did a moderately hard 1,000-meters in a very warm pool. The result was ugly. During the whole swim I felt like I was swimming at higher altitude and my heart zoomed 20% faster than normal. When I finished the set my heart rate was 160-BPM and took much longer than usual to slow down. It has hovered around 92-beats a minutes for the past hour.

At the 500-meter mark the water inside my cap felt hot. My goggles were fogging badly and on my last 100-meters, which was a build into a sprint, I felt as if I had swam 3,000-meters.

This experiment was conducted at an indoor pool with an ambient air-temp in the low 70s.  Fran Crippen was swimming in water that near 90-degrees Fahrenheit with 100-plus-degree air temps. All I can say is that the only people who can appreciate how dangerous open water swimming in hot water is are the open water swimmers and they seemingly have had no say on where and in what conditions they swim.

Heart rate is now 90-beats-a-minute some one-hour-and-twenty-minutes later and I am mot happy.


Bram said...

I swim off and on at the City of Fife swim center. An Olympian, Megan Jendrick, swims there for her normal training. I asked her one day last week how much distance she covers because it sure looks fast and difficult. She said that day was about 3,800 (of yards though not metres). The water in the pool is about 85. I do not know how she does it.

Tony Austin said...

I am such a wimp!

Perhaps "only 3,800" in a pool with a temp of 85-degrees is the physical equal of swimming 8,000-yards in a pool that was set to 80-degrees

Bram said...

I don't get the impression she particularly enjoys it but I have been told by the pool manager she is very good and has gone to the Olympics, so it must work out all right. But I do find it abhorrently hot to try and work hard in myself.