Tuesday, February 19, 2013

USA Swimming INC - Catholicism INC: Both need a new "Pope"

Bill Keller  from the New York Times wrote an amusing Op Ed comparing the leadership position of the Pope to the leadership position of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Keller quotes business consultants and others who offered suggestions as to how the church can restore the credibility or the "Catholic brand." 

It's my opinion that the suggestions contained in Keller's Op Ed would work wonderfully for USA Swimming thereby restoring credibility and trust. Some execs have got to go, some board members have to resign. 

From the New York Times
"... The business world has much to teach [The Catholic Church] about surviving scandal. Michael Useem, director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management at the Wharton School, told me the church might learn from the way Warren Buffett cleaned up Salomon Brothers after a bond-trading scandal and Ed Breen revived Tyco International after its chief executive went to prison for theft. 
The remedies were bold and effective. First, a purge of those responsible for the abuses and the cover-up. (“Managing out,” as it is called in the corporate vernacular, has been a major weakness in the church, so it was heartening to hear the Vatican spokesman say that Benedict’s retirement could “open the door for a potential wave of resignations.”) Second, unstinting disclosure to investigators, waiving any privileges. Third, appointment of a compliance officer with impeccable credentials, ethical tenacity and conspicuous support at the top. At Tyco, the new leadership went on a high-profile road show of the company’s outposts to drive home the reforms.

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