Monday, February 25, 2013

Where was ASCA and USA Swimming? Mike Saltzstein reports a swim coach with a 11-eleven last names, 3-birth dates and a felony conviction!

[February 27th: Edited to make the rhetoric less shrill.]

USA Swimming's safe sport policies failed to find this guy, or they were not applied correctly but former Vice President of USA Swimming did find out about James Pantera's multiple identities because Pantera was operating in his neighborhood. Thanks to Mike's vigilance in this matter.

The American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) policies are non-existant in this subject... There is no policy to screen coaches and protect kids from criminals via background checks or whatnot.  CEO, John Leonard, even bragged about that situation in a deposition as if it were a "get of a lawsuit free card." He was quoted as saying that ASCA is not a youth organization despite that ASCA certifies and trains coaches who work in and around children.

Factually speaking, USA Swimming should be embarrassed and they should declare loudly as they can what steps will be implemented to correct this miss. This loophope was not caught by the consultants USA Swimming hired but rather it was caught by Mike Saltzstein. Perhaps they should bring him in as a consultant to review policies and see what he can suggest?

As for ASCA, they are bad joke in regards to screening those they take money from. There is a Roman saying, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It translates to "Who watches the watchmen?" In this case USA Swimming was under-advised and ASCA who has no background check policy whatsoever was busy collecting money.

This is not a loop hole or a crack in the floor that this person with multiple identities slipped through. It was a "5-lane freeway" and he drove through right into a coaching job without proper screening. Subsequently, Mike Saltzstein should be thanked for his expertise and insight.

This "guy's" rap sheet; or whatever name he is using today, is so scary that in one state alone he was arrested for a firearms violation, has a fraud conviction, a passport fraud conviction, busted for stealing, busted for forgery, blah blah blah!

As for USA Swimming, Mike Saltzstein belongs back at USA Swimming. He is a proven asset inside and outside the oranization and he has been an authority on this subject for 13-years. The consultants they hired missed this "five lane freeway"  but a former insider caught it.

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