Sunday, March 10, 2013

Swimming World is under a 'Denial of Service' by a hacker or hackers!

A Denial of Service(DoS) attack. A DoS attack is an attempt to make a website or network unavailable to its intended users.

A DoS attack consists of a person or persons creating an automated program that saturates the target website or web host with tens-of-thousands of requests, so much so, that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic. Other DoS attacks include using infected computers to do the dirty work.

This has been going on for some hours so the person or persons have either a bunch of money or a bunch of time. The attacker or attackers could be a competitor or an angry user who was targeted in an article. The FBI is looking into it.

This is a sleazy effort to take Swimming World offline.

Here is a statement:  "Swimming World's website has been under an extremely heavy denial of service attack since last evening. On top of working with our server host to get the problem solved, we are in contact with the FBI and are working on filing a complaint regarding this attack on our company, and on the swimming community at large. SwimmingWorld.TV has not been attacked, and all the videos that you love to watch are still available. Head over to SwimmingWorld.TV for all of this great content, including the Morning Swim Show."

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