Friday, May 24, 2013

New York Times: "Abuse Victim Seeks Ouster of U.S. Swimming Officials"

(Updated to correct typos and to acknowledge with a link that Pablo Morales knew nothing of this abuse nor having any sort of conversation with David Berkoff regarding this topic. )

Karen Krouse wrote a piece in the New York Times regarding Kelly Currin's victim statement published here and elsewhere. I think she nails it and what she nails best is Kelly Currin's desire to remove USA Swimming officials who knew of her abuse and did nothing about it. Nothing!

From the New York Times:

“...While I was battling demons from the childhood molestation, Wielgus, Berkoff and Coach Schubert contributed to the glorification of Rick Curl by allowing him to coach at one of the most prestigious swim centers in the country for almost two decades, supporting his induction into the swimming Hall of Fame, and providing him with center-stage status at the 2012 Olympic trials,” Currin said in her statement Thursday.

She said in her statement that Berkoff, a two-time Olympic medalist in 1988, knew by the early 1990s about sexual relationships between coaches and under-age swimmers, including Curl and Currin. Her statement said Schubert told Wielgus about Curl’s conduct in 2007, though Wielgus has testified that he did not learn about it until 2010. She said she filed a claim against Curl with USA Swimming in 2011, but USA Swimming said that did not happen until 2012. ..."


Let's talk about David Berkoff. The image above is the email discussed at the New York Times which David Berkoff sent to Jeff Chida summarally acknowledging he knew of the abuse that Kelly Currin had suffered. (John Leonard, CEO of the American Coaches Swimming Association is mentioned as well.) However, when Berkoff was placed under oath and asked to discus this topic, he became vague, non-committal and contradictory.

To really throw some gasoline on "David Berkof's flaming pants" Pablo Morales denied ever drinking beer with David Berkoff let alone having any knowledge regarding Currin's abuse or who was involved. His denial can be read here:  [Link]

So one must ask: How did he know about it? Who really told him? Why didn't he come forward? Why is it that he has an executive title at USA Swimming?

I had a debate with David Berkoff on this blog and quite frankly it is demonstrably that what Berkoff has said and done when compared to what he testified to under oath conflict with one another

See this post:  [Link]

Berkoff should be asked to resign - Even the Pope of the Catholic church resigned so he could get out of the way for a new Church to emerge. Berkoff should too. Resignation would bring USA Swimming into the present and give the Safe Sport initiative truer meaning.


Anonymous said...

Can you help those of us at home with a Berkoff timeline? A few years ago, he was a vocal advocate of new regulations to protect swimmers (I have some of his emails!). He seemed like an ally, right? Then he became VP (yes?), and now things get vague.

Tony Austin said...

Yes, I can but I have to go to work and then an appointment at FOX studios. I will include a timeline this weekend. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Tony Austin said...

WOW! I officially grant Craig Lord SCAQ Blog amnesty and may consider putting him in the links column

Anonymous said...

Read the swimvortex piece.

Well written!!! Totally agree!!!

Anonymous said...

Sick sick world. Just heard that a female swim coach was fired from the Southern California high school she was coaching at for having sex with a teenage boy who was on the swim team. This woman also coaches a USA Swimming club team.

Tony Austin said...

Name her anonymously and I will run the story

Anonymous said...

Supposedly a meeting was held with the swim team and the kids were told that the female coach was fired for inappropriate sexual conduct. The kids were also told that even though someone didn't want the incident reported, the person who heard was required to report.

The boy is 16 years old and the female coach is about 23 years old. What I heard is that the boy told a friend he went to her house and had sex. The friend told someone else etc.

I know both names but would prefer not to mention names. I've heard the story third hand.

The coach's name still appears on the School Website and Club Team Website (they're probably investigating the incident). The woman who told the swim team that the coach was fired is involved with USA Swimming.