Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coach Bill Jewell gets 3-year ban form USA Swimming!

Contents of the letter that Susan Woessner sent regarding Bill Jewell's 3-year ban. ...

Richard Pierson, General Chair
Mary Jo Swalley, Membership and Registration
Jeri Marshburn, Safe Sport Southern California Swimming

Mark Schubert, Head Coach
Patrick Gillespie, Board President
Golden West Swim Club
Re: Bill Jewell

18 June 2013

Dear Richard, Mary Jo, Jeri, Mark, and Patrick:

This letter is to inform you that on Monday, June 10, USA Swimming member coach Bill Jewell waived his right to a National Board of Review hearing and accepted a three-year membership ban, effective immediately, as requested by USA Swimming for violations of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct. USA Swimming’s case against Mr. Jewell was based on a pattern of inappropriate behavior, including making sexually explicit comments toward athletes and other individuals affiliated with the club. There was no allegation of or evidence to support inappropriate sexual touching.

If you need assistance now or in the future with communications to your Golden West Swim Club membership or your local media, please let me know and we will connect you with USA Swimming communications staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Susan Woessner Director of Safe Sport

c: Bill Jewell

Chuck Wielgus, Executive Director

John Morse, General Counsel Lucinda McRoberts, Esq. Elizabeth Hoendervoogt, Safe Sport Coordinator


Anonymous said...


What do you think about a three year ban in exchange for remaining silent about questionable activities within SOCAL? We're kind of pressured into punishing you, but others shouldn't have to go down with you.
I believe Mary Jo, Jeri and others will agree that it is a fair trade off. Don't worry, when the ban ends, there will be numerous opportunities for you. USA Swimming and Southern California Swimming would welcome you with open arms on their respective Boards of Directors. In fact, perhaps you could lead the Safe Sport Chair in Socal. They are always looking for volunteers who put the athletes last.

I'm sure you will stay busy coaching at the collegiate level.

Good Luck

US Swimming

Anonymous said...


I owe you an apology. Now I understand why you feel the way you do about Berkoff. He's ready to attack when he cares about someone even though he has no knowledge of the basis of the complaint. It seems to me that he is all about protecting his friends and not about cleaning up the sport!

I find it interesting that Jewell was banned for "a pattern of inappropriate behavior, including making sexually explicit comments". Was the inappropriate behavior - the Hutchision scandal and causing FAST to be fined $29,000?

If it wasn't for Dia Rhianda, Jewell would still be coaching. I'm glad she had the resources to file a lawsuit. The sad part is that people like Dia who come forward are ousted and lied about and most are never heard from again. Way to go Dia!!!

sandy said...

Jewell is still listed as a Golden West coach on the USA Swimming website!

Anonymous said...

Berkoff post on Swim Swam:

"then you run to scaq tony to rant about how I called you out. Crazy loves company."

He seems really childish with all of the name calling!

Tony Austin said...

oh, please send me the link.

Anonymous said...

Just google "swim swam Jewell". Berkoff's comment was written June 20 at 5:14 pm.

Tony Austin said...

What amazes me about Berkoff is how many orifices he can find to shove his foot into - skip the last paragraph for my take on his defense of California swimming royalty.


Berkoff, me thinks you protest too much. Your attacks on this anonymous poster lack credibility for you too have posted anonymously to the SCAQ blog.

Also, I would like to thank you for your comments to the Missoulian. They were the “tipping point” that got Congress to investigate how youth athletics, especially swimming, handles it’s child abuse allegations. I also am thrilled that you chased a SwimSwam reader to the SCAQ blog; please keep it up.

Back to the Missoulian: Your admission that you “…put these emotional emails out there, kind of shooting first and checking for bodies later…” was a real gem when Congressman George Miller of California compared them to what you said in those emails versus what you said under oath. (I should forward your deposition to SwimSwam so they can shove it your face and make you read it.)

Berkoff, it is my opinion you are in trouble! You and Wielgus will become the poster boys of turning your backs on abused victims; (PLURAL), and your emails and comments to the Missoulian have proved it.

When the Congressional hearings get under way and USA Swimming is under fire from victim testimony, I predict you are going to be the political sacrifice or the proverbial “human shield” for Chuck Wielgus that is ordered to “fall on their sword” and resign.

Your defense here of California swimming officials is nothing more than ‘brown nosing’ so as to keep your seat on the USA Swimming board of directors.

Tony Austin

Anonymous said...

"how many orifices he can find to shove his foot into" EXACTLY

What has Mary Jo and Jeri done for him - hmmm! Another poster on Swim Swam agreed with "Lets Make a Deal" and posted what they felt about Mary Jo and the need for change in SCS, but the post was removed.

So Berkoff has worked with these two for two years on the boards of USA Swimming so he feels he has the duty to attack anyone who says there is something wrong in Southern California Swimming?


Both John D and Berkoff challenged "Lets Make A Deal" to reveal themselves (with name calling)- why so they can hire a private detective? So they can silence the person? So they can harm the family and friends?

I know, I watch too many movies - I'm paranoid - this stuff just does not happen!

Tony Austin said...

Posting anonymously about USA Swimming is important. Look what USA Swimming does dissenters: That HP guy that got removed and the rest of the board at the USA Swimming Foundation as well when they wanted to make the USA Swimming Foundation more autonomous.

Curious said...


I have a question regarding blogs.

I've been reading your site and Swim Swam. The Jewell article on Swim Swam has John D. referring to USA Swimming and writing "they don't read blogs". Then Dave Salo writes "Probably only five people read this thread, and I wouldn't had someone not told me that my name was thrown in the mix".

My question - Do people look down on those who read blogs? Would someone be better off if they didn't admit they read blogs? I'm relatively new to blogs and am curious?


Tony Austin said...

I am putting the last paragraph of this reply as the first paragraph. Here goes: You can read or draw anything you want. Will people look down on you for reading blogs? NO! And those that do are silly for it doesn't matter what the blogger says, it matters what the facts they linked to are. A good blogger will point to references and note which is their opinion and what facts state. When someone asks you where you got your facts from, tell them the reference that was listed in the blog rather than the blog itself.

Young people, under 22-ish don't read blogs anymore and they are leaving Facebook by the tens-of-thousands. Young people view Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They use SnapChat, and follow Amanda Bynes of Twitter. They also frequent social and media sites that we have never heard of and of course there is Reddit.com and 4chan too.

However, well read people; (which is ironic since my spelling and grammar are atrocious), and several politicians within USA Swimming do read me and other blogs.

Coaches, and Olympians, swimmers and USA Swimming people read blogs or more accurately, the USA Swimming Board members read blogs and they complain.

Just for you I just looked at my Google Analytics page and so far in this past month visitors from Colorado Springs have been to this blog 151-times. (A slow month for them - I just I need to hurl some insults at a particular board member. joke])

Bloggers are not well loved but they are read buy a maturing segment of internet users.

Bloggers have fewer rights than journalists but if they run their blogs like I do, accept no gifts, advertising, free food, or payments of any kind, the reach of your free speech is astonishing and the effects is has practically worldly.

People leak news items to me; (Like a tech letter from FINA that illustrated a political bias towards techsuits rather than a technical point), I have had an Olympian publish an article anonymously here so as to not incur the wrath of potential sponsors or otherwise, and I had a producer at ABCs 20/20 thank me after she won award for a news show she put together with my help. The topis: USA Swimming.

Hope this helps.