Friday, June 28, 2013

France 24: "Iran swimmer’s time goes unrecorded: “Her bathing suit was too revealing” - Perhaps 13-pounds worth of garments wasn't enough?

This swimmer was layered with clothes. So much so that if I wore as many garments in an open water swim as she does I would be sincerely worried about the drowning risk for Elham Sadat Asghari is wearing more than 13-pounds worth of swimming attire.

This post has nothing to do with Muslim values or modest swimsuits for thousands of Iranians; presumably most of whom are Muslims, are supporting her Iranian record.

From France 24:
Her problems began in 2010, when she decided to swim around Kish island in three days. A representative for the sports ministry came to watch. Elham had only swum 5 kilometres when out of nowhere, police boats rammed into her and those accompanying her. The shock seriously hurt one of her legs, and her hip was lacerated by boat propellers. [FRANCE 24 could not independently verify these claims.] If her father hadn’t helped her, she surely would have drowned.

After this, Elham was in a bad place. Her injuries healed, but emotionally, she was a mess. She decided to say goodbye to swimming. But those of us close to her encouraged her to swim again. After undergoing therapy, she began to practice anew. For a long time, she swam 5 kilometres every night and ran 12 kilometres every day.


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