Sunday, July 21, 2013

Australian Olympic Swimmer Scott Miller arrested for possibly dealing meth

Scott Miller won a silver and a bronze in Atlanta in 1996. If the allegations that he was dealing meth are proven true then this guy deserves some serious jail time.

It is listed as a possession charge in The Telegraph headline but who walks around with $1,900 with cash on hand and has over $14,700 waiting in their car parked nearby.

He also was busted four-years-ago for supplying ecstasy and promised in exchange for not going to jail to turn his life around. So much for that promise. wrote that "...He's accused of either stealing the two sums of money or obtaining them by some other illegal means. ..." They Also included this gem: "...He had been arrested on the morning of June 18 at a home in Mascot, after police allegedly found on him three small, resealable bags of methylamphetamine totalling 1.04g. ..."

Would be interested to see if he himself tests positive for meth. If not, what does that say to you?  It suggests to me he was dealing.

I just did the math on meth; in Australia a gram-of-meth cost $40 on the "cheap end" or about the same price as a gram of gold. Yeah, imagine how rich "tweakers" would get if they bought gold instead of destroying their lives, mangling their faces and terrorizing their families.

So, divide $40-into-$16,600 (the amount he was busted with) and that's a lot of meth if Miller was exclusively selling meth. A gram of meth will keep a "tweaker" up for days. Imagine what devastation 415-pounds-of-it would do.

From The Telegraph: 
"... Miller cut a forlorn figure on the video screen of Parramatta Bail Court yesterday as he was told he would remain in custody until at least Wednesday following his weekend arrest.

"I thought it was a possession charge," Miller told the court in his first moment on screen, before the charge of supplying a prohibited drug was confirmed to him. He told the court his lawyer was away and unable to represent him in court yesterday...."


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