Monday, July 15, 2013

English Channel Swimmer dies: "Channel swimmer was 'just wonderful', says her devastated father" - The Telegraph

Susan Taylor Channel Swimmer from Stuart Ritchie on Vimeo.

I HATE drowning stories and every summer they haunt me but the worst of all are when an accomplished swimmers drowns while carefully attacking our favorite discipline.

From the Telegraph:

The 34-year-old accountant from Barwell, Leics., undertook the challenge to raise money for Diabetes UK and Rainbows, an East Midlands children’s hospice. 
Arthur Wright, 68, described his daughter as "just wonderful" and said he was devastated by her death. The family had celebrated Mrs Taylor's and her brother's birthday at a restaurant last Thursday, he said, and he last saw his daughter on Friday night.


I personally know three channel swimmers; two English Channel and one Catalina. No swimmer approaches a channel swim halfheartedly. This is a devastating loss of a women who was trying to help others.

What can be done?

Devices called "smart watches" are about to become more ubiquitous. They will measure all sorts of bodily rhythms. blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation. I encourage all open water swimmers to use them and for their support crews as well for these watches will be able to relay data via Bluetooth or WIFI to support boats


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the video of Susan...
I love remembering her this very way.

Tony Austin said...

I am very touched that you wrote that. She had a smooth stroke and a nice glide. Obviously very accomplished.

Just pains me.