Tuesday, September 17, 2013

11-year-old kid loses her two-front-teeth on a failed start dive in the shallow water (3.6-feet deep)

Though this happened in New Zealand it should be a sufficient warning to parents, clubs and governing bodies that a set standard for height & weight versus pool depth be maintained for safe start dives.

From New Zealand at Stuff.nz.co:

Swimming Wellington says it isn't to blame for an 11-year-old losing her two front teeth diving into the pool at the recent Wellington short course championships at the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre.

Emily Irving was one of four swimmers from Jon Winter's Raumati Swimming Club, who suffered injuries at the meet.

A 10-year-old girl grazed her face and two other juniors suffered scrapes to their back and heels, respectively, after finding the entry points at Kilbirnie shallower than they were used to.

For international competition pools must be a minimum of 1.35m deep out to 6m, according to world swimming body Fina.

Kilbirnie was 1.25m for the Wellington short course champs, however it was not operating illegally because it was only a provincial meet.



Anonymous said...

1.25 meters is 4.1 feet, not 3.5 feet. The National High School Federation minimum is 4 feet.

Tony Austin said...

ooops, 7-inches off.

I feel that standard is too shallow