Saturday, September 14, 2013


This is extraordinary news. I did not think that the USA Swimming House of Delegates would do it but they have seemingly turned the corner.

I applaud the USOC for their use of economic sanctions to facilitate this as well.

I think this vote is a huge win for the kids, my particular side of the issue, and if this policy is executed whole heartedly and aggressively enforced, then this may perhaps be considered sufficient atonement for [...] Chuck Wielgus? Let's see what happens.

From Swimming World:

"... [Rule] R-12 proposed, for the second year in a row, that consensual adult relationships between coaches and athletes be banned from the sport, where coaches have direct control over the athlete. Not only is this standard regarding sexual harassment laws throughout the country, it also is required by the United States Olympic Committee. This item was previously voted down by the House of Delegates, but passed today with zero discussion.

If this item had not been passed, it would have led to a showdown with the USOC regarding high performance funding as well as potential issues with USA Swimming continuing to be certified as the national governing body for the sport of swimming.
The article contains more information about loopholes, definitions and what it means for the "Banned for Life" list. ..."

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