Monday, October 14, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoes bill giving sex abuse victims more time to file lawsuits!

From the L.A. Times:
"... In an unusually detailed three-page veto message released Saturday, the Democratic governor, a former Jesuit seminarian, said the bill raised questions of equal treatment of public and private employers. Pointing to a centuries-long tradition of limiting the period when legal claims can be filed, Brown said institutions should feel secure that "past acts are indeed in the past and not subject to further lawsuits."

He also argued that the legislation, which would have in part lifted the statute of limitations on sexual abuse claims for one year to allow some childhood victims to file lawsuits, was "unfair" because it singled out private organizations, such as Catholic dioceses and the Boy Scouts. Public schools would not have been affected by the bill, something Brown called "a significant inequity." ..." 
Victims and lawmakers on the other hand were devastated. Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, a Democrat from Sacramento said it best: "....Nobody believes that someone who has perpetrated sexual abuse, especially against a child, should escape accountability for that kind of behavior..."

One has to ask if the upper management at USA Swimming, and by upper management I mean people like Chuck Wielgus and his pack of poodles who hired the lobbyists to defeat this bill, are popping Champagne corks in celebration?

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Not a Brown Nose said...

I never liked Governor Brown NOSE!

Wonder what he's hiding. He didn't pass the gun control bill either. Maybe he's sending a message that victims should handle matters themselves.

Way to go Governor Brown NOSE- give illegal aliens drivers licenses, give illegal aliens free education and medical care. Give sexual abusers a free ride. Why on earth should the rest of us adhere to any laws when people doing illegal activities are benefiting and getting away with it?

I'd say let's start a recall campaign against this useless politician!