Friday, October 18, 2013

ESPN Sunday: Trouble Beneath The Surface - 52 Triathlon deaths since 2007!

Oh God, I ave so much to contribute to this topic that entails mass starts, cold water, hot water, and the abilities of the swimmers who compete. With that mentioned ESPN is doing an investigative report on the subject which I endorse and will watch it Sunday and have more on it Monday.

Here is a trailer for the show:  [LINK]

From ESPN:  
"Something is obviously happening in that first swim leg. Something in that swim leg has gone amok, and it’s probably not one thing, it’s a combination." -- Jackie Wiggins, talking with’s Bonnie Ford about her husband who died in a May 2011 triathlon

"When things tend to go wrong in the swim it’s a tough animal because you’re in the middle of a major swim lane and it’s not like you can drive an ambulance up to the athlete." -- Bill Burke, triathlon race director, talking with Outside the Lines’ T.J. Quinn

Today on, Producer Greg Amante describes the behind-the-scenes making of Sunday’s OTL piece.

Guests on Sunday’s OTL:

John Mandrola (Cardiac electrophysiologist, Louisville, KY)

Larry Creswell, MD (Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Mississippi)

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