Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New IOC President tells WADA that $500-billion is spent on anti doping efforts hence thier budget is plenty big and cuts its scheduled fee increase in half!

UPDATE:  The annual budget for WADA is 28-million. I was corrected on Twitter by @ringsau @wada_ama but the fact remains that the IOC says $500-billion is spent on dope testing and I may have presumed incorrectly that WADA oversees the efficacy of those tests. I do know that they are the final arbiter on suspensions and punishments and WADA enforces the World Anti-Doping Code. With that said, they are the reason why $500-million is spent each year on doping controls. My take is that 1/2-billion dollars is too much and would be better spent elsewhere; Athlete salaries may be a good start.


I am here to discuss the greedy nature of those that collect the real money from Olympic sports and today the subject is WADA or the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Swimming has a doping problem (among others) as do all the sports and each year both professional and Olympic sports bodies collectively pool a bunch of money and hand it over to WADA so as to purify the sport from drug cheats.

How much money does WADA receive to take on this task? Well, imagine if you gave every single living person in America a $1.00 bill. I'm talking everybody: Babies, toddlers, children, teens, adults, senior citizens including those in hospice care etc. That sum would equal $300,000,000 and WADA would still have $200-million left over to spend on anti doping efforts.

90% of the sports WADA tests are recreational in nature and the athletes involved in most cases are lower middle class or subsisting at the poverty level. The professional sports are a joke when it comes to testing. Instead of surprise visits from WADA officials that swimmers and other Olympic hopefuls have to endure, sports like American football and baseball have appointments scheduled two-weeks or more in advance.

New IOC President Thomas Bach is under fire for wanting to reduce the scheduled fee increase of the 2% to WADA down to a 1%-increase and WADA is not amused.

Here is what IOC boss Thomas Bach had to say as quoted in the Telegraph:
Bach called on Wada to spend its budget more efficiently, something [he] was confident would happen under the new code it is set to ratify in Johannesburg on Friday. 
[He said] “If you want to describe it with a headline: quality comes first, then quantity,” Bach said. “If you improve the quality then you may not need the number of tests you need now. 
“This is why the new code would be very helpful, because it allows for it and is going exactly in this direction.”  
Meanwhile, Bach refused to be drawn on what action the IOC would take were Jamaica or Kenya to be declared non-compliant with the WADA code because of their recent doping problems. ..." 

With their staggering half-billion budget, consider what one can do with a half-billion dollars?

First on the list is that they could start their very own space program.

That's right - for $300-million they could build and launch an Astra Satellite that can deliver the following services...
  1. High speed internet
  2. Digital TV
  3. HDTV
  4. Digital Radio
  5. 3D TV
...And still have 200-million leftover to take care of it and rent the heck out of it to 2nd-world countries like Russia and India.

...Or if they were more ambitious and they wanted to take over a failed state, WADA could purchase more than fifty M1-Abrams tanks and staff an army of over 20,000 mercenaries to go take over a failed state of their choice.  (The US only needed 14-M1-Abrams in Afghanistan)

....If they had even more loftier goals WADA could fund 500-startup businesses throughout the world with a $1-million "angel investment" each but then again, catching drug cheats in sports that are only televised every four years is an  important task and I am sure the $500-million is well spent on all that urine they are collecting so as to make sure that such sports as curling and archery are clean and sportsmanlike, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that is obscene. The sad thing is that testing doesn't even work in the majority of cases.. or is covered up for the $$ (just ask Lance Armstrong). I figure it is a bit like charities.. more about wages for the people doing that and protecting that.