Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our sport is overwhelmingly caucasian - Swim culture hasn't exactly embraced those of African descent!

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Our sport is overwhelmingly caucasian! Asians & hispanics are making remarkable contributions as well but those with dark-brown skin have been culturally discouraged from participation.  Even in the last 5-years we have seen witnessed pool incidents where those with dark brown-skin have been ostracized from the pool.

Whose fault is that? Ultimately, western culture and our own founding fathers who often wrote and said many disparaging words about Africans and their culutre. When someone like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, men whose heads are carved into a mountain like "godly icons", speak such bigotry, those words will resonate for centuries. But here is what they did not know...

The African gene or the negroid gene is the dominant gene of humanity. This has subsequently been proven via mitochondrial DNA analysis and it has become widely accepted by anthropologists that all races have traces of negroid ancestry. (Dominant genes do not mean racial superiority so don't call me racist or an apologist.)

Just recently a monogamous negroid couple gave birth to a caucasian offspring. No cheating or promiscuity was involved. The DNA was checked and validated to have come from both birth parents. To be blunt this is something caucasians can't do, nor can any other race. This is what makes the African negroid gene the parent of humanity: [Link]

There is no superior race just genetic diversity. (Culture is a different topic unrelated to race) Light skin does better in the snow, dark skin excels during a hot day on the Savanna.  Think Maria Sharapova in a Russian mink walking in the snow in Saint Petersburg versus the late Hakeem Olajuwon strolling through the forests of Nigeria on a hunt. Flip the locations for each individual and both would be more miserable than the other.

Pick any professional sport and the participation those of African descent is overwhelmingly high. It's a shame that blacks do not have the same opportunities or cultural desire to go swimming. I suspect the reasons are related to the above photo; abject prejudice and bigotry. For centuries the "fathers & mothers" of humanity have not been accepted or wanted and who wants to go swimming where they are not wanted?

This trend continues today.


Button said...

'the late Hakeem Olajuwon'

the 'dream' lives!

just saw an excellent quote on t.o.c. about racism in sport:

There's only one race in the coaching world, the human race.

the stopwatch doesn't lie, so we put together lineups and relays without regard to ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, etc.

Mark Rauterkus said...

We have some issues in the city setting that are unlike that of suburban locations. I'm in Pittsburgh and we're trying to battle the tide of status quo. It isn't easy for thousands of reasons.