Monday, February 17, 2014

Techsuits in Ice Skating competition but not swimming.

That's not a swimming techsuit circa 2008. That is a suit worn by Olympic speed skaters sanctioned by their governing body so the sport could evolve and become more exciting rather than staying put somewhere in 1972.

I look forward to the day when our sports "primo uomo" (the male version of a prima donna) lays down his techsuit and goggles and gives up the holy sport of swimming for golf or whatever. I wish he would leave the stage and allow another slew of "tenors" to "sing."

I look forward to the day when swimming is filled with dozens of "primo uomos" because – well, because the playing field will then be leveled and swimming will not be a sport where only one or two genetic freaks, or those who cheat, can be the center of attention.

When the "Greatest of All Time Leaves" the pool, the techsuit will return form its temporary exile and once again the standard of living of swimmers via world record bonuses will buoy incomes for both themselves and swim suit companies alike. Finally they will be able innovate again and make a living.

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TedBaker said...

Not going to happen. And, FYI, the speed skating suits didn't really help. In fact, the American team dumped the new UnderArmour model for the old one.