Thursday, October 23, 2014

The FBI writes USA Swimming after pressure from congress tells them that they suck!

Irv Muchnick has carried the torch for cleaning up USA Swimming after I faltered from fatigue due to outside demands of my time and efforts.  I applaud him.

I am very happy with Irv Muchnick and I won't forget that one little favor he did for me that brought a totalitarian coach to his knees; a coach whose 15-minutes of fame are up and his star swimmer is preoccupied with other more pressing problems. But I digress: Yes, I like Irv Muchnick.  He has been accused of being hyperbolic, writing articles that are filled with puffery & distortions, telling nothing but lies, damn lies and outright lies. Well I am here to tell you that his articles about a congressional investigation and FBI intervention have proven to be 100% true and though USA Swimming will not suffer any consequences it is now in the public that record that congress did indeed contact the FBI and the FBI contacted USA Swimming with a warning letter.

The spinners will say the FBI letter was no big deal and that they applauded the SAFE Sport mechanism and moved on. What the spinners can't spin is that every sordid incident that USA Swimming knowingly and intentionally failed to investigate or tell the police about is mention by the Congressman George Miller letter to FBI director James B Comey's.  Comey outlines each failure and the consequences therein and it is not pretty. One day a victim is going to pin that letter to Wielgus' gravestone reminding him and others what he left behind. Again, not pretty.

Remember when Wielgus apologized for not acting on all the sexual abuse complaints? Well here is a lesson in manners: When you apologize, you say you are sorry. Then you admit that it was your fault. Finally you say, I have to make it up you, what can I do so as to take responsibility. What you don't do is spend an ungodly amount of money on lobbyists suppressing laws that would make you take responsibility and you don't water your apologize down with explanations. Did he even apologize the victims personally? The answer is no.

Here is a link to the Congressman George Miller letter to FBI with all it's truth & glory. Below are some snippets:

“[T]he alarming allegations and high-profile reports of sexual abuse in the ranks of USA Swimming necessitate closer scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” 
“Together, USA Swimming’s historical failures to address child abuse, the existence of ‘non-compliant victim’ files that leave children exposed to future harm, and the fact that the Safe Sport Program appears not to work for all victims raise significant concerns around USA Swimming’s ability to police its ranks sufficiently.” 
“USA Swimming is regularly failing to address abuse allegations in a complete and timely manner, even though, according to the organization, no statute of limitations exists for abuse cases within its ranks.” 
“[L]eadership and other staff within USA Swimming possess information about previous and presumably present cases of abuse, that, if ignored or improperly investigated, leave children at risk of abuse.” 
“Because basic information about predatory coaches may be kept secret and not shared, predatory coaches banned by USA Swimming may pursue and abuse additional victims.' 
Finally in closing a comment from Robert Allard, The attorney who carried the water for the victims and their case to Congress.

“This is the culmination of five years’ worth of collective efforts on behalf of countless brave sex abuse victims across the country to shine a bright light on an organization which is corrupt to the core.
As Congressman George Miller has now concluded after an extensive investigation that USA Swimming has for literally decades utterly and completely failed to protect minors from sex abuse and has engaged in great lengths to cover up knowledge that it possessed of known pedophiles.  We first went to USA Swimming to air our grievances.  
They laughed in our faces and spent millions and millions of dollars at defense lawyers and lobbyists to make us go away.  We refused.  We then went to the Scott Blackmun of the United States Olympic Committee, who told us to scram because, in his words, he has “high regard” for the leadership capability of the USA Swimming brass.  Little did we know at the time that Mr. Blackmun’s incestuous relationships with USA Swimming’s leaders and lawyers prevented him from maintaining even a semblance of objectivity. 
So, as a last resort, we engaged Congressman Miller who we wholeheartedly commend for listening to our plight and doing the “right thing” by taking steps to ensure that childhood sex abuse is eradicated from our society.  We extend our sincerest appreciation to Congressman Miller and his staff, specifically Michael Zola and Scott Groginsky, for restoring our faith in the American political system and by refusing to be deterred by unscrupulous influences.  We can only hope that the FBI takes the next step and holds those criminally accountable for unconscionably turning a cheek while children were being raped by swim coaches. ..."  -- Attorney Robert Allard
In closing: USA Swimming has more 2/3s-more-girls in their ranks than boys - Why is that women are not running that organization but corrupt old men are?


Anonymous said...

They really do SUCK!

Tony Austin said...

I agree. Amazing how your simple four simple words sums it all up!