Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hanalei Reponty (pro surfer / IMG model) has come out with a wetsuit line

Hanalei Reponty is a pro surfer and she has come out with a line of wetsuits for female surfers called Abysse. So, why am I excited about this line and why did I post it this to the blog? The material for these suits is not neoprene but rather a material called Geoprene. This material has component layer within the rubber that is actually limestone making it practically water-phobic, more flexible and "summer warm" inside
Geoprene specs:  Neoprene made from limestone, is 98% water impermeable! This is a huge improvement over petroleum-based neoprene which is only 65% water impermeable. 
Low Water Absorption – Normal wetsuits absorb significantly more water than those made with the new material. If you jump in the water with an old neoprene wetsuit, when you get out you’ll notice that the suit is much heavier. This is because of all the water that it absorbs. Limestone neoprene suits absorb almost no water at all and will be noticeably lighter after getting out of the water. ..." [Link]

I am going to see if I can talk to her about this and ask about the floatation. I'm thinking since the suit will absorb less water I really want to hear about the floatation?  I will ask if I can get a hold of her.

These suits could be an option for not just female surfers but for those female Masters Swimmers when doing early morning workouts or when swimming at night after work.

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