Friday, November 13, 2015

Katie Ledecky is an outlier much like Michael Phelps — Missy Franklin needs a "wake-up call..."

*Edited 8:07 PM PST to clean up some typos and to come out and state my real opinion.

A craftsman, or a craftswoman, can make their art look so amazingly easy when performing their craft. Katie Ledecky is an example of having such command over her work. Well done, Grrrl!

At the ARENA Grand Prix Ledecky beat Missy Franklin in the 200-free by swimming a 1:55.37 or swimming .64-of-a-second faster than Franklin. Definitely not a "spanking" but if Franklin is going to match or beat Ledecky in 2016 at Olympic Trials she is going to have find a way.

On the blocks Franklin definitely did not look as athletic as she did in London 2012. (Look it up) Arguably is she sporting an unhealthy weight gain. How to tell if you have an unhealthy weight...
From The International Journal of Obesity
"... The waist-to-height ratio might be a better indicator of overall health risks. Put simply, your waist should be less than half your height."  [Do a waist measurement, times it by two and the number should be less than your height. If it is more, you are potentially unhealthy.]  
Am I fat shaming? — No, I don't care how overweight she is nor do I care how overweight Kevin James is. Both are talented people who give back to the community and should be commended. There is no "Willie Wonka" factory that produces perfectly shaped people but I question her diet and how her body looks today compared to 2012. Is her added weight slowing her down or are her times getting better?

Perhaps her weight gain can be attributed to a quote of hers whereas she mentions how much she appreciates Chipotle (which is an extraordinarily high calorie, junk food, diet) and I am wondering if this luxury is holding her back? Most meals there are more than 1,000 calories each and contain almost a full day’s worth of sodium.

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Unknown said...

I've been studying Kathleen Guinevere Ledecky in preparation for a talk about her. Having read A LOT about her, I am overwhelmed by the accolades she's received from MANY sportswriters............?THE DEPTH OF HER SOUL?..........for a swimmer?, ONE IN A BILLION?
Outlier? she could set the bar for all outliers EVER!......Katie, please continue to amaze us with your performance, and your character............