Monday, March 28, 2016

Notice how the USA Swimming Website never mentioned one great swim at the NCAAs?

USA Swimming is a de facto governing body monopoly. They own the sport and they own the elite athletes therein. They tell these athletes where to be (enforced charity events if you want your full pay) and what they can or can't say in front of a camera.

Worst of all they subsidize their trafficking of elite swimmers by raising an incomprehensible amount of money off the backs those families with 12-year-old little girls and boys who have no chance, or in most cases, a desire to be an Olympian.

Yeah, that's my premise, accept it or get over it.

So why no NCAA coverage? — Here it comes... ready?—There was no NCAA coverage because the NCAA is a better governing body than USA Swimming and subsequently should take complete control over  the sport of swimming. The NCAA for the most part services adults, and though not perfect, they have fewer abusive coaches, far fewer rapes, they don't have a secretive insurance company sequestered in the Caymans, (like USA Swimming did) and far less money grubbing.

The NCAA should be the sports governing body, period. The NCAA could offer scholarships to young kids at nationals, be more race inclusive and be far more benevolent than USA Swimming ever has.

Remember when USA Swimming hired lobbyist to protect the Catholic church and themselves form pedophile lawsuits.  Yeah, that's why the NCAA should select Olympians.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was right with you all the way up until..... the NCAA is a better governing body than USA Swimming.

The NCAA is actually a non-profit association which regulates athletes of institutions, conferences, organizations, and individuals. Honestly the NCAA is a complicated beast in terms of the powers it holds.

Fewer abusive coaches? When you say abusive what exactly do you mean exactly? I mean Tyler Summit just go fired for....well there is always google. I mean there are some (me especially) that will argue that the NCAA makes money off the backs of college players and further exploits some of these athletes by including them in the sharing of financial reward. Coincidentally, some of the major swim programs in the NCAA benefit from this.

As for rapes, thats a touchy one because the NCAA doesnt actually have any enforcement there. In fact, the whole Sandusky/Joe Pa incident at Penn State was seen by many as them over reaching with their power.

Money grubbing? Well the NCAA more to speak decides how money gets split up where USA Swimming actually has control over said funds. A lot to pay attention to there.

Race inclusive? Yea, I dont think the NCAA would change the culture of a sport UNLESS just like 50-60 years ago, college started to see the value in having more racial diversity. Which if we are being honest, starts with the clubs and more importantly development.

So you want the NCAA to decide on who goes to the Olympics? I think you should do a little bit more research. Maybe the AAU or USAT (talk about an organization that is actively promoting).

Do we remember? Sure some of us do but the majority dont care. Even when guys like you remind us. The question is how do you get people to remember? Which Im not sure I have the answer for.

Good to see you back writing.

Anonymous said...

Just read this article.....

Best quote was from Bob Bowman.... “If Katie Ledecky goes to Stanford and she has a deal with a suit company, does that take away from what she’s doing there, does that give her an unfair advantage?” said Bob Bowman, the A.S.U. men’s and women’s swimming coach. “I don’t know that that changes anything except for her bank account.”