Tuesday, April 17, 2018

James Ian McGlothlin, 41 — A swim instructor and child pornography sentence to 18-years and lifetime supervision!

Another monster caught and placed in a cage. Not only a child pornographer but an abuser whose victims were infants, toddlers, and disabled children. I have no idea how human beings become this broken and this cruel but apparently complete isolation from society is the only answer thus far. What is frustrating about this is that it costs an "upper middle class" per year to warehouse these monsters and and pay no restitution. 

The article is quite lurid and reminder that custodians of our children must have custodians themselves. Much like a Fortune 500 company that has one accounting firm to do the accounting and another/others to make sure the accounting was done correctly.

 From CBS KOIN 6 in Oregon: 
James Ian McGlothlin, 41, was first arrested in February, 2016, after federal agents served a search warrant at his home where investigators found "thousands of files containing child pornography, including videos and images McGlothlin created himself," the release said. Billy J. Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, said in the release that producing child pornography is "an appalling crime." 
 “It is unthinkable that someone would prey upon infants, toddlers, and disabled children, yet that is exactly what James McGlothlin did," Williams said. "He was supposed to be safeguarding his victims, but he took advantage of them instead for his own sexual gratification.”


Postscript: We like to think that evil people have horns, froth at the mouth, yell a lot and have evil laughs. Even I wish to believe that when I see images of some political leaders. However, case in point, Hitler cried like a baby when his mom died, a sign he was NOT an unfeeling psychopath. He loved animals so much he would not eat meat. He was an artist, well mannered, and well groomed and he had clothing designer, Hugo Boss, design all the NAZI uniforms. What made him so evil is that he believed everything rounding up "...Jews, Slavs, Roma, political opponents, communists, homosexuals, Jehova Witnesses..." was totally ok and the right thing to do.

So how we defend ourselves? Perhaps solid accountability policies and gender segregation within instructional settings when it comes to teaching children, teens and the disabled?

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