Monday, April 23, 2007

French election: Bayrou's loss means Manadou swims

Though a "snappy" dresser, Francois Bayrou pissed me off with his comments that he would like to see France boycott the Beijing Olympics over China's economic involvement with the Sudan and Dafur. These disputes should be handled at the U.N. or other political venues rather than the Olympics; but his loss is our gain. We will now likely see a rematch between Kate Ziegler and Laure Manaudou in the 400m and 1500m.

Here is a cool cultural photo of a long line of French political posters side my side in what appears to be a park in France. I like Ségolène Royal's poster best. The red bars with the B&W photo makes the eye vibrate. Also, it does not hurt that she is both attractive and the current President. I am surprised that none of the candidates used the colors of the French flag in their posters. [Link]

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