Sunday, April 29, 2007

French Presidential Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy opposes a French Boycott - He is leading in the polls

The French have a human rights argument with the Sudan. In fact everybody has an argument with the Sudan except China which has invested 10 billion dollars in their oil wells. They are also selling them weapons.

Though Sarkozy's campaign posters lack the artistic merit one would usually associate with sublime French poster art, Nicolas Sarkozy is leading the polls so far as the next French President.

If Sarkozy wins, Manaudou swims! (That should be his slogan or in French it should be, "Victoires de Nicolas Sarkozy, bains de Laure Manaudou." (I hope I said that right?) If Sarkozy does lose and Segolene Royal wins I hope, Maly, our French friend who visits us now and then is right in that France will swim anyway. [Link]

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maly said...

hi , it is maly!
i don't think france will boycott because my country have discoved since the a dozen years that we could win and since 1996 we have 30 or more olympis medals at every olympic. talking about laure, today she had a three hours show on french national tv where she talked about her life and invited her favorite artists. her coach said that she was at only 70 percent of her capability and he was going to make her work on her starts and turns and that she could improve on the 800m free .