Sunday, April 29, 2007

SCAQ and blog friends casting call

I will be at the the UCLA Short Course Yards Meet this weekend; (see the meet link for details), and I would like to do another video because I had so much fun doing the last one. I will film as many races as I can in between my own races and warm-ups and it would be great if you all could bring your own cameras, still or video, as well so I can post them to this blog.

It is to late to send in an entry form but they will allow deck entries. Now doesn't this pool look yummy?

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Joel said...

See you there. I'm deck entering as I never get those pesky forms in the mail. Come one and get with online entries UCLA! Of course I don't go really to swim I use it as an excuse to walk over to Diddy Riese after and eat as many cookies as I can!