Thursday, April 26, 2007

Social networks are betting on French Presidental candidate Nicolas Sarkozy

Social networking sites in England; (Read as Gambling sites), are betting that Nicolas Sarkozy will be the next President of France. [Link]

I mention politics here because France had a Presidential candidate named Bayou who discussed boycotting the Beijing Olympics over China's involvement in the Sudan crisis. (China is selling weapons in the region and drilling for oil there as well.)

The final two candidates are Nicolas Sarkozy on the right and current President, Segolene Royal, on the left. Though Bayou didn't make the final cut as a candidate, he has thrown his support behind Socialist candidate, Segolene Royal, who has not ruled out an Olympic boycott. Her opponent Nicolas Sarkozy has. [Link]

Here is hoping that whoever is voted President of France a boycott of the Olympics will not take place and we will see Laure Manaudou race both Natalie Coughlin and Kate Ziegler in Beijing.


maly said...

hi i am french, i don't think that it will happen because we didn't boycott moscow and if the british are going to china, the french olympic team will go just to get more medals than the british because a lot of french athletes felt that paris should have won the 2012 games.

Tony Austin said...

Thank you for posting that. I feel somewhat relieved and I really look forward to seeing your French athletes in the pool.

Paris would have been a great venue for the Olympics. I was astonished that you didn't get them.

Go Maly
Go Laure!