Thursday, April 26, 2007

The SPMA Regionals movie is on still schedule for Saturday morning

I finished the title for the SPMA video tonight in After Effects. The title gets rippled by droplets that splash down upon it before fading out. All that which is left to do is the "bumper," or ending panel, and this video is DONE! The sound track will be the song Such Great Heights by the Postal Service and it really works well with the swimming therein.

I have learned so much about taking hand-held footage shot by idiots like me and making it watchable. The trick in filming swimming is varied viewpoints, establishing shots, and of course using a tripod. Right now I am looking for the best video sharing site to host it rather than what will get the blog the most hits. Obviously You Tube is the biggest but at times it is compression makes the videos unwatchable. I want the clarity to be as best as it can be so I am trolling sites like Guba, Revver, Bolt, and a site called Daily Motion which looks really promising. (Some of these services don't work with this blog. I will post which ones don't.)

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