Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back from pier-to-pier with Anthony

The drive up to the Manhattan beach pier. This picture was taken at 7:45 and the beach is all ready humming.

When we got to Hermosa pier a group of swimmers were taking off well before us and got a half-pier head start. I could tell Anthony smelled blood; for if there is ever a pod of swimmers in front of Anthony, it's like waving a rabbit under a greyhound's nose. Hence, I swam at full blown race-pace the whole way to keep up. Ultimately I did a pretty good job. He got me by about 25 yards after catching two great waves to shore.

(Oh, some 'wanker' fisherman threw something at me and hit me in the shoulder when I rounded Hermosa pier. Whatever it was, it had gravity and mass but the water dampened it. This guy actually risk getting arrested for assault or battery and perhaps sued over a stupid fish.)

A crowd of swimmers and triathletes, some of them LA Tri members, perhaps some SCAQ swimmers and some nomads meet up at the Manhattan pier each Sunday morning to walk/jog to Hermosa Pier and swim back to Manhattan Pier. Some swim the whole thing, some swim half, and some even less. If you swim the whole thing it is 2 miles.


Rose said...

I was up early this morning (not by choice) and found the air at 7am to be quite guys must be hard core! Keep up the good work for your race in San Fran.

trev said...

This looks like a BLAST. I'd like to join you guys sometime... it would be my very first open water swim.

Tony Austin said...

You should come swim with us this Sunday. It's our last swim before Alcatraz.

Tony Austin said...

Rose, Join us!