Sunday, May 27, 2007

Speedo Grand Challenge Day 3 Prelim Results

Amanda beard swam a 2:34.03 for the 200m breast in Day 3 of the Speedo Grand Challenge. That is 13 seconds slower than her American record and 15 seconds off the world record. Granted this is just prelim results but three other swimmers swam seconds faster. Placings below:

1. Rebecca Soni, 20 - TROJAN-CA: 2:31.49
2. Keri Hehn, 26 - TROJAN-CA: 2:31.60
3. Tara Kirk, 24 - UN-PC/Stanford: 2:32.35
4. Amandea Beard, 25 - TROJAN-CA: 2:34.03

Prelim Results:

As of this meet, Amanda Beard may have qualifying times for Olympic Trials but she is seemingly not prepared enough to make the Olympic team. This is very precarious for her since she has to make the Olympic Team team to add equity to her sexualized, "Amanda Beard," brand and for her licensing agent, Stone America who wants to cut deals.

Last month in Australia we saw world records threatened and a world record fall by seconds in the 200 fly. We saw motivated swimming from all over the world. These swimmers were prepared, they races, and then hit the pool the day after World Championships. We have seen these swimmers compete in such events as the Duel in the Pool, The Eric Namesnick Memorial Grand Prix etc. etc..

I havn't seen any motivation from Amanda Beard whatsoever to race since Athens 2004. A sprinter like Gary Hall can take a 100 days to prepare for the Olympics, a specialist in the 200 anything needs 2-years-plus at least and more like four.


trev said...

Wow, man. You, like, REALLY don't like Amanda Beard. With reason, though...

Tony Austin said...

I was once on a sound stage a long time ago and I heard this story about a famous TV character actor named James Gregory who would steal close-ups from other actors.

Some say all the closeups he stole made him the showcase on several shows since the other actors got fewer closeups and as a result he became a star.

Here is what he did: When it was the other actor's turn to get their closeup, Gregory would station his face about three inches to the left of the camera with all of his weight on his right foot as if he was leaning close to the lens like he was doing the other actor a favor.

He would never read his lines back to the actor but rather make extreme eye contact and recite them like he was really in character.

The other actor, as a human reaction, make eye contact with Gregory the whole time and follow his gaze.

Then, while reciting his lines to the actor who was making eye contact with him, Gregory would slowly shift his weight to his left foot so that is face would suddenly be two feet away from the lens.

He would do this slowly sometimes rocking back and forth so that the other actor looked like he was blind or like moving his head around like Stevie Wonder.

Regarding Amanda: Posing for Playboy is like stealing a closeup from the other swimmers come Beijing.

Beard looks like a sexpot when they show blurred images on TV in all their airbrushed glory of her Payboywhen the focus should be on the swimming and I believe in this Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, culture, she could possibly be the focal point whereas I think Katie Hoff, and Kate Ziegler should be.