Monday, May 28, 2007

SWIM NEWS, TIMED FINALS very generous with their rhetoric towards Amanda's comeback.

At the Speedo Grand Challenge, Olympian Amanda Beard managed a third. I consider this a flop!

Amanda's best finish thus far was a third in the 200m IM; (2:20.16), behind Elaine Breeden (2:18.75) and Julia Smit (2:15.01). The American record was set at Nationals last Summer; (2.10.05), set by Katie Hoff.

In her signature event, the 200m breaststroke, she scratched in the final. Amanda's prelim time was a 2:34.03 versus the winning time of 2:27.66 clocked by Keri Hehn.

She flopped and I am not convinced that she has enough time to swim well at Olympic trials next year. This is what you get for placing business before your craft. The above screenshot is Amanda Beard hawking Red Bull; (of all products for an athlete to promote), at the official Red Bull site: [Link]

However if you read the swim press such as Timed Finals you would think she was still in the game:
    Last night Amanda Beard made her first return to competition since 2004 and seems to be a bit rusty…but still solid. ..." [Link]
    Swim News called it the "Comeback of the month." (Perhaps there is something lost in translation.) [Link]


Anonymous said...

you are so f-ing clueless

Tony Austin said...

We we know in one year won't we, Amanda?

Tony Austin said...

I apologize for my response -0 it was crass and inflamatory. If I could delete what i just would.