Monday, May 28, 2007

Who is Lewis Gordon Pugh?

Here is a 37 year old lawyer who wants to swim at the north poll to call attention to global warming. I guess the logic here is that if you can swim at the north poll, the ice cap there is demonstrably melting.

He has swam nearly a dozen extreme swim expeditions such as: Swimming the length of the Thames River and he broke the world record for the longest swim in ice water in Nigards Glacier Lake in Norway by swimming 1,200 meters in 23 minutes and 50 seconds. Here is a link to his expedition page: [Link]

Before he does an ocean swim such as this; his body allegedly generates a warmer core temp which has baffled scientists and they have nicknamed him a polar bear. This is an extraordinary claim so I emphasize the word 'allegedly' when stating it. Here is a link to his sponsor's swim page: [Link] Here is a link to his website: [Link]

I endorse this expedition as a really creative way do demonstrate that global warming is observable and a continuing phenomena but secretly I just think he is doing it because he likes to swim in exotic and extreme environments just for the fun of it.

On a lighter note:

This swim has not been without political issues. The Santa Claus government took 3 months to process his visitor visa and American Home Security was questioning whether the trip should move forward at all not due to the socialistic; or perhaps communistic tendencies, of the self designated North Poll dictator for life. Another major concern was Claus's flaunting of a no fly rule every December 25th without FAA registration.

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