Monday, May 28, 2007

Uinnista! I can't say it but I read this swim blog four times a week! It has now entered the building!

A swim blog, sublime! It is now in the links column especially after reading this this post regarding shoulder protection that the blogger discovered through serendipity:

Scapular Plane Swimming is an approach to swimming that decreases the possibility of swimmers developing shoulder problems from swimming with traditional swimming mechanics.

The introduction of Scapular Plan Swimming into the routines of patients with shoulder trauma or injury, combined with therapeutic strategies, can help to accelerate recovery. Swimming outside the scapular plane places undue stress on the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.


“Shoulder-safe” swimming should be performed in the scapular plane with avoidance of over-head motion of the glenohumoral joint beyond approximately 120 degrees. This is possible if the swimmer has excellent (appropriate) linear body rotation and stability, allowing the arms to essentially swing into the pulling position without over reaching for optimal muscle activation and avoidance of over pushing upon exit from the water to avoid over distension of the cuff.

Here is a link to the exact blog post [Link]
Here is a link to the Scapular Plane Swimming press release. [Link]
Here is a link to Uinnista: [Link]

Paging, Dan Leonard, white courtesy telephone please!

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Dan Leonard said...

Thanks for the link, Tony. This is exactly the issue I have identified with my fly technique.